Expecto Patronum for Monthly Makers

So, you may not know, but I'm a major Harry Potter freak, and I also participate in this project called Monthly Makers. I'm one of 12 hosts that do this project, and it's really simple. Every month on the 10th one of us 12 release a theme. This month it's been over at Jessica's blog, and the theme was Magic. On the 25th of the month, the host blogs her project, and on that post you comment with a link to your own blog, where you've done something creative on the theme of the month. The host then summons it all up in a later post.

It's not a competition, we need to push on this. It's here to help people to start creating. To start being creative. And to be the stepping stone to just try new techniques and materials. It's really fun doing this, even the harder themes, and I really feel like we're reaching out to a broad public.

You can find our Facebook-page here, and if you want to check out older stuff you can find a lot on #monthlymakers on Instagram!

So, to get to the point, this pictured above is my project for this months theme! I sew a few of these triangle shapes and painted on the words Expecto Patronum. So now on my wall hangs protection to keep me safe from Dementors. Check out some more pictures on my other blog here.
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