Longing for Green (Lund Botanical garden)
I'm sick and tired of this grey that's outside now. I need some green in my life, and therefore me and my friend Emelie made a spontaneous trip to Lund and the Botanical garden!


The light in here is kinda magical. It flows in through tall windows in a few of the rooms, and in the others there's all windows, I mean.... It's a greenhouse. But in either end of the greenhouse is two taller buildings and in there are these tall, rounded top windows. I love that detail, and I feel like more greenhouses should have them!


Emelie thought it looked like this tree in the picture above had popsicle sticks all over the trunk, and it kinda does, doesn't it?


In a few rooms there are fish in small ponds, and also these water lilies that I've seen in bloom at other times of the year.


In another room there was this. Some kind of steam or carbon-dioxide ice maybe. At least it was a nice touch, and with all the fern it felt a bit like a magical forest!


Also, this!? I kind of love some cactae, but a lot of them really just look like they're big piles of mold. I actually like the bigger, greener kind more than the small ones, to the tall trees in the uppermost picture are the ones I would like to have in maybe a smaller version!


They were closing up at 3pm, so we went to take a fika break. I really recommend Ariman in Lund, these big piles of dessert were just 30SEK, and that's not a lot! The sodas were 25SEK though, so if you drink coffee it's probably more worth it.


And it tastes great too! I've been there once before, but that was a long time ago, and didn't feel like it was the best place then. But this time? Well, I would gladly go back there!

And that was that with that from the spontaneous trip to Lund and the botanical garden greenhouse!
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