Food in Malmö: Bar Italia

I've lived here in Malmö for soon-to-be 2 years now, and I can finally say that I have found great places around town to eat. I may not have tried a lot of them, but I've tried almost only great places. So therefore, I'm starting a small series here with restaurants, ice cream places, cafés and other food places around Malmö, so that in the case of a trip, you can just look through that category and find somewhere great to eat!


I'm starting with Bar Italia, in Västra Hamnen, because they have such great food! And it's also worth the pretty low price.


Their lunches with stuff like panini and pasta salads are great, you get a lot of filling in those, and it's mostly the protein you ordered. This one's their chicken panini, and it's well... Great!

They are also said to have the best gelato in Malmö, and I think that's a fair rumor. Because their ice cream? It's absolutely delicious.




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