Sneak peek: New things on my desk

So here's a sneak peek on some new things on my desk. Trying to keep it tidy now, since I'm trying out some new things in my life. I'm mostly a very messy person, I always forget things and I tend to have a desk full of things and papers and everything looks... well, messy. Is there a better word for it? I don't think so.

So I'm now trying this thing where I clean a lot, and decluttering is my new favourite thing! It's kinda weird since I could convince my parents to keep empty boxes when I was a kid, but I feel so happy when I have less things. It's like my mind gets cleaner for every thing I throw out, if that's even possible. I'm really into this minimalism thing that became a trend last year, and it seems to fit me better than I ever thought!

I don't thing I'll ever be the kind of person that has only one of each thing or the one who can live with only the things that fit into a backpack, but at least I can live a normal life with not the triple amount of things that actually fit into my apartment. And that's at least something, isn't it? I don't thing minimalism is about rules - I think the only real rule is that you should keep things around you that you love or really truly need. But I'll keep on writing about this more, so stay tuned - for more thoughts and for more pictures of my desk!
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