Porter magazine and a Froosh

So I had a "day off" from school yesterday, which mostly meant that the schedule said no lectures, seminars or anything else I needed to attend. And this time that meant a magazine I bought a couple of days ago and a fruit smoothie with mango and oranges. At one point I also painted my nails in a new nail polish with lots and lots of silvery glitter, and put on some hand cream to treat my hands as well as my mind.


Today it's back to school again, but at least we don't start until 1 pm. We have a lecture and then we have some group talk thing with our new groups - which by the way gave me some extra luck since I got the dream team! As far as I know it's me and four friends that I've worked well with so far, and that's really calming. We'll see what happens.

This year started out great, and it seems like it will continue to be a great year. I'll keep you posted on what happens!
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