Pinchos with the girls!
So here's a photo packed post for ya'll! We had an exam, and we've also done the first semester of our program at Uni! So we went out for a celebration, and we did go to Pinchos here in Malmö. They have a great concept where you order via their app, and at certain amounts of money spend you get a free dish! And also, it's tapas, so one dish is like.. maybe a fourth of what you eat, depending on what you order.


The interior is really great, that have all of these bright red lights in the ceiling, the striped walls and the kind of circus theme going on!


And they also have the most amazing drinks! I tried an Elderflower Mojito, and let me tell you, it was GOOD! I also did try two of their "surprise" alcohol free drinks, and they were both the tastiest ever! Alcohol free you think? Yeah, I'm not a big drinker, actually I kind of don't drink at all if I don't feel like something low in alcohol, like a cider or this drink that I would love to order again!


So I went out with some class mates, and I love them. I just do. They're some of the greatest people I've ever known, and I'm so happy for it!

Anyway I ordered in some Chicken fingers with mango raja, cheese balls with chives, sweet potato fries, and some chicken skewers, all of which were great! I actually ordered another round of chicken fingers, hehe.



And also I feel like this is how you know that the night's been a good one: You feel like it's been a good one! And I absolutely feel like this night was a good one. Great friends, great food, great drinks, and a lot of laughs. Could it be any better!?
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