Ski Trip to Skeikampen, Norway

I never told you about the trip we made to Norway at the beginning of year, did I? No, I didn't! So here we go.


We went January 3rd by car through landscapes and landscapes of first green, then whiter areas like in the pictures, and then we came to a place completely covered in white snow.


We arrived after dark, but we took a walk to see the surroundings anyway. This was part of the hotel we stayed at, all cozy and covered in snow!


The day after that I tried skiing for the first time. It's not really my cup of tea, to say the least. I don't like the cold, the hurting of legs and feet, and neither do I like the speed when you don't really know what you're doing. Really, any sport that isn't quite calm and in need of rhythm I tend to avoid.


So I stayed in most of the time when my boyfriend and his parents were out skiing. It wasn't that bad actually, since our room was this beautiful! The gold details really put an extravagant feeling to the quite old hotel.


I also took a lot of shorter walks around the hotel grounds. The snow is so fascinating, I've never seen anything like it before! I mean, southern Sweden doesn't really get a lot of snow at all. And this was freezing cold and stuck at the trees. We actually had -23° one day, and the warmest day was at -10°.



I could get used to the views though! We talked about next time, and that we should go to a place where I can get in the lift, go up to the top, take some photos and stroll around ut there, and then get in the lift and go back down again. Apparently they exist, and I feel like I need one of those to ever get the views from the tops!


At least the light is amazing! I don't think I've ever looked this good in -20° and sun. Not that it's a thing that happens a lot, but the light and the sun made everyone glow in a way that you don't see often.


Also this. The old furniture and interior of this hotel was kind of stunning. I really liked the sofas, maybe not for our home, but they were so so so comfortable! Like nothing I've ever sat in before.



But all trips have an end, and ours was only 5 days long. I took a lot of photos, some good and some bad, but I really felt a connection to the cold, white nature up at the mountain. So trips to mountains? Yes. Ski trips? No. Unless they include me not skiing and instead include walks or rides up mountains to suck in some nature and thin but fresh air.
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