A great lunch at Vapiano


When my best friend visited me in Malmö las time, we had an amazing lunch at Vapiano. Here in Malmö they have their restaurant in Emporia, which is a big shopping centre just outside of town. I had their amazing Pesto Rosso pasta, with roasted pine nuts and ricotta cheese. And also the best soda there is - San Pellegrino Aranciata Rosa, which is blood orange flavoured.

Nowadays I mostly just study. I have a big exam coming up, and also a few smaller assignments that needs to be done. I have just one lesson this week, but I'm meeting up a friend to study aswell. Hopefully this exam is easier than the last one, that I failed by 8 points. A bit annoying, but what can one do? Re-exam is in August, so I'm crossing my fingers I've learnt stuff until then.
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