5 Great Online Resources for Bloggers

Det här med att hitta riktigt bra sidor online, som kan hjälpa en i ens bloggande, är otroligt viktigt. Att ta det ett steg längre när man försöker nå ut till folk är inte alltid så lätt, men med hjälp av de här sidorna så blir det i alla fall lite enklare. Jag har lagt upp det så att det är en sida för inspiration, en för research, en för lärande, en för skapande och en för att sprida kunskap, kreativitet eller budskap vidare. För att nå ut, helt enkelt. Så, nu slutar jag babbel-skriva, och så kan ni få tips i stället! Det här inlägget kommer vara enbart på engelska från och med nu.

//Finding good online resources isn't always the easiest thing, but it's one of the most important for a blogger. To take it a step further when reaching out to people can be hard, but with these pages, at least it's a bit easier. I've done this in the way that there's one tip for inspiration, one for research, one for learning, one for creating and one for spreading. Even if it's a moral, creativity or knowledge, it's to spread it. So, to stop me from babbling away, here goes!

1. Inspiration


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This is one of my favourite online resources. It can make your inspiration go from zero to maximum power in just a few minutes. It has pretty much anything, at least if you do your search in English. Names, techniques, you name it, it's there!


2. Researching


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Most of you know Youtube, but Youtube really is your go to website for anything you need to research. It has everything from tutorials on make up to history videos, how to cook food properly and fashion reports - anything!


3. Learning


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Even though this resource isn't free (it's the only tip that costs anything and it's 8$ or 10$ a month), it's really worth it's value. Here you can find pretty much anything creative, learn it from masters and people that work with it, and then do your own projects! It's classes on anything from calligraphy to photography to how to make your own game or building up a website from scratch. Search and you'll find!


4. Creating


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Polyvore is the perfect resource for fashion collages. You can like things, sets and collections, as well as making them yourself. You can search for items to put in collages, both garments, accessories and make up, but also backgrounds, magazine pages, pictures and tumblr-worthy details.


5. Spreading


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I can't push enough on this one - if you want people to follow your blog, then use Bloglovin. It's the easiest way, and people will check your blog when you put up a post, instead of clicking multiple times during the day, just to check if there's anything new up. Make sure that you have your own account, and that your account is connected to your blog. That looks more professional, and if there are multiple choices when searching for your blog, they know it's the one that has your account connected.


Sådär. Nu tror jag nog att jag är klar! Det här är 5 av mina bästa sidor för att förbättra mitt bloggande. Men kom ihåg det jag skrev här, man ska alltid länka till rätt ställe, och helst inte använda bilder med någon form av copyright.

//That's it, my 5 best resources for making the best you can out of your blog! But remember what I wrote in this post. It's important to always stay professional, and stay away from as many copyrighted pictures as possible.
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