What I've done since last + giving it a new try!
I'm back! Are you still out there? I don't know, I just thought that I would try and write some in here again. I do have my other blog, over at herbariumet.blogg.se, that I still run. But I've begun to miss this place, and I've certainly missed writing in English! It may take some more time than writing in Swedish, but improving ones language is never wrong, is it? Right now I think I'm rather influenced by the language of Downton Abbey, so it's rather posh I guess... But we'll see if it settles!



If you've forgotten, or even worse do not know how I look, this is me! The picture was taken this summer by my mother as we went out for an evening walk at Grimsholmen, near my hometown Falkenberg. She's not all that great at photography, but after a few pictures she got the hang of it!



And this is what I do nowadays! I study to become a pre school-teacher at Malmö Högskola. I have most classes in this building, and I really love it here! I have a bunch of great friends and I feel it's the right thing for me, thank god.



And this is the man/boy/dude/guy I live together with! I don't think he's been in any picture here before, but this 4 year old picture of him will have to be the best I've ever taken of him. He's not all that photogenic, so I guess the two of us have that in common. We've been a couple for 2,5 years now, and we're not stopping any time soon, if at all!


dubbel-bild-säng+sängbord hemma-hos-oss-1

We live here, in this small but nice studio apartment in central Malmö. It's not always this tidy though, but we try to make the best of it! At least it's ours to live in for now, and we've tried to do the best with all the things we (I) have, such as crafting materials and photography gear, and all the books we have laying around. It doesn't really look like this now though, since it's about to be Christmas! I'll show you soon, I guess.


And I guess that's the most important for this post. I'm just saying Hi! I'm here again, and I won't do 5 posts a day, maybe not even one post a day, but I will be here, and I will try to keep up both my blogs, since they are very unlike each other. We'll see how it works, and I just want to say Welcome and welcome back! To any new or old readers.
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