Christmas came to Malmö
So I really feel like christmas is coming soon, and well.. It is. It's only 11 days left and I'm really excited! Today is Lucia, and on the schedule I've written christmas market in Folkets Park, baking saffron buns, and making the last pieces of christmas candy!


This is what Malmö looks like in the evenings, by the way. It's such a light city in the winter time, because we have these beautiful decorations up on every street in the city center. This was a few days ago when I walked wround trying to find presents, and I found one for my dad, for our christmas calendar with presents every day, and also a present for Erics parents!



Yesterday we went to two christmas markets, one being this very traditional one in one of the older houses in Malmö. We only bought some bread here, but to be honest it was worth it! Thinking of buying a few candle sticks from a woman there, if we have the time to go back tomorrow.

The other one was more of a shopping centre market, but we managed to find something we liked! So soon we'll have a poster up on the wall with a beautiful print of a lilac flower. I'll show you when it's up!


And that's really it for now. I really feel this christmas spirit, and the christmas music is going on Spotify at all times!
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